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Traditional specialties of the region

Franche-Comté has its own kitchen, a legacy of our mothers and grandmothers :

Jura wines including the famous yellow wine, the wines of Haute-Saône, the wines of the valley of the Loue reborn by some passionate, Fougerolles with cherries and Gandeuillot, Pontarlier and anise, Chapelle des Bois and his gentian, Morteau et Montbéliard and smoked sausages...

Rich pastures, varied flora, knowledge and the work of men produce excellent meat and great cheeses AOC : Comté, Mont d'Or, Bleu de Gex, Morbier, Munster...  

Many flavors reminiscent of fond memories and make you want to prolong these moments of pleasure.

Here are some products and dishes you can taste the Thousand Ponds... 


Fried carp



Cancoillotte is a specialty cheese Franche-Comte obtained after refining, smelting of metton.

In Franche-Comte, cancoillote is mostly eaten cold on bread at meals, breakfast or snack. But you can eat hot cancoillote on potatoes boiled or baked. This dish is accompanied by a green salad and smoked sausage
Or of fried eggs or an omelet filled with warm cancoillote. This dish of fried potatoes or fried potatoes accompany it.
Or a cancoillote fondue in which quenching pieces of bread, toasted sandwiches with cancoillote instead of Comté.

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Munster AOC


Munster cheese is a cow's milk soft cheese with a washed rind.

Munster is sufficient in itself for cheese lovers. Yet is fits very well with potatoes boiled in water.


Blueberry pie

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