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Lovers of religious heritage can discover the seven churches of our region.

You will notice a typical element of the Franche-Comté region on five of them: the bell tower decorated with glazed tiles. About 660 churches in Franche-Comté have this type of roof, inspired by Renaissance architecture.

You will see it in Corravillers, Faucogney-et-La-Mer (Saint Georges), Sainte-Marie-en-Chanois, Raddon-et-Chapendu et Saint-Bresson.



Beulotte Saint Laurent

Church of Saint Lawrence

Built in the 18th century.


Church of the Nativity of St. John  Baptist

ReBuilt in the 18th century.

Beautiful altarpiece with twisted columns of the late 17th century in the chancel of the church.







Church of St. George

Rebuilt in the 18th century partly retaining its bell tower.

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Church of Saint Martin

One of the oldest church in Haute-Saône (it was built on the site of an altar dedicated to the Roman god (Diane)).

It is surrounded by an old cemetery where we always buries the dead of the parish

Sainte Marie en Chanois      

Church of St. Mary

Made by the Deschamps brothers, sculptors Faucogney, the altarpiece of the church of St. Mary Magdalene glories  the patron saint of the church.





Raddon et Chapendu

Church of the Visitation

Built in the 19th century.


Saint Bresson

Church of Saint Brice

Rebuilt in the 19th century.


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