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Saint Columban sites

St. Columban, one of the pioneers of Western civilization from the sixth century

At the end of the sixth century, the monk Columban, along with 12 companions left his native Ireland, through Gaul and settled in our region, in Annegray (village of Voivre), where he founded a monastery. He then retired to meditate frequently and lunch in the cave above the village of Sainte-Marie Chanois. After the influx of novices in Annegray, Columban creates a new monastery at Luxeuil-les-Bains.

Clashed with the Queen Brunehaut, Columban was invited to return to Ireland with his companions. After the sinking of his boat, he decided to stay in Gaul, and his journey will lead him towards the Alps and Lombardy or until he founded his last monastery in Bobbio. He died in 615.

Three years after the death of St. Columban, the monk Jonas entered the monastery of Bobbio and he was asked to write the life of St. Columban to the attention of other monks. So begins a long journey through Gaul, allowing him to collect testimonies companions of St. Columban, still alive.  

Source : Les Amis de Saint Colomban


Saint Columban,
Saint-Georges church (Faucogney-et-La-Mer)

Today, the association "Les Amis de Saint Colomban" maintains columbanian sites of the Breuchin Valley, open to visitors all year round.

A major European project is at work: at the end of 2013, representatives of France, Ireland and Italy have signed the charter of the association "The Colomban Way" for the creation of a European cultural route. Moreover, the 2015 year will be proclaimed "Year of Saint Columban," on the occasion of the 14th centenary of the death of this indefatigable missionary. Stay tuned!

Hiking trail of the monks

  In the landscape of the Vosges Saônoises, the association "Les Amis de Saint Colomban"  invites you to go to meet the columbanian sites of the Breuchin Valley. 

Distance: 25 km / Elevation: 650 m / Length: 8 h
Markup: a monk

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Old Priory Saint Jean-Baptiste in Annegray


Saint Columban cave and chapel - Sainte Marie en Chanois


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