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Cycling / mountain biking

Mountain biking

1) Base VTT des 1000 Etangs

In srping of 2015, the entire region will be practicable with moutain bike, with different trails with lengths (20-80 km) and varied levels. The trails will rally the famous Planche des Belles Filles.


2) Two mountain bike trails in Saint-Bresson

Les Peugueux  - mountain bike trail no.43 

Download - Circuit Les Peugueux (PDF)

Level : medium

Length : 27 km

Elevation gain : 580 m.

Duration: 3h00

Starting in the center of the village of Saint-Bresson, opposite the church, follow this markup







Les Grandes Fontaines – mountain bike trail no. 44 

Download - Circuit Les Grandes Fontaines (PDF)

Level : difficult

Lenght : 32 kms

Elevation gain : 840m

Duration : 04h00

Starting in the center of the village of Saint-Bresson, opposite the church, follow this markup



With two major events in the world of cycling, The 3 Ballons’s race on June, and the passages of the Tour de France in 2012 and 2014, the Vosges Saônoises progressively acquire fame in the landscape of French cycling.

Loops on low traffic roads

To discover the Haute-Saône, its richese and quality of life, the General Council established 20 loops on low traffic roads (marked in 2 directions).
Some recommendations:

  • Prudence
  • Respect the rules of the road 
  • Respect for the environment


Three of this loops in our region

Boucle de La Mer - No. 4
Lenght : 24 km

Departure from Faucogney-et-La-Mer

Download - Boucle de la Mer


Boucle de la Petite Finlande - No. 15
Lenght : 33 km

Departure from Faucogney-et-La-Mer

Traveling in the Thousand Ponds region, between Faucogney-et-La-Mer and Servance, this road will offer you landscapes and exceptional panoramic views.

This loop is usually reserved for for major sporting (or at least well-equipped ... provide a good 39x23 to chain a few passages to 18%!).

Download - Boucle de la Petite Finlande


Boucle des Eaux - No. 14
Lenght : 46 km

Departure from Luxeuil-les-Bains

This route will take you from Luxeuil-les-Bains to Froideconche, Breuchotte, Raddon, Fougerolles Corbenay, Saint Loup-sur-Semouse, Hautevelle, Ormoiche ...
Download documentation - Loop Water

Download - Boucle des Eaux

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