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The Thousand Ponds

A real gem  

The Plateau of the Thousand Ponds extends over an area of ​​84.942mi, from Lure to Faucogney, through Melisey, Servance, the moutain pass "Col des Croix" (which marks the boundary with Vosges) and the mountain of Servance. This area is characterized by numerous ponds of varying size, the result of retreating glaciers that covered the Vosges at the end of the last ice age, there is 12,000 years, and that on this occasion dug soil in some places.

This extraordinary region is generally called the "Little Finland" because of the similarity of its landscapes with those of the Nordic countries.

The Plateau of the Thousand Ponds is a unique place because it has a particular ecosystem, such as peatlands : These wetlands are home of protected species, sometimes threatened.

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